Vacation Rental Management is harder than golf

Shortly after starting my vacation rental company in the late 90s (yea I’m an OG) I started playing golf with my father on the weekends.  We would meet every Saturday for a round at one of our favorite local courses.

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I am a Relationship Builder…not a Recruiter.

When asked what I do for Better Talent – my answer is simple – I build relationships. I get to know people and learn about what they are looking for in their next role.

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Leading our Remote Team to Success

Over the next few months, I will dive into what everyone wants to know about leading and motivating a remote team to reach your company’s goals. And let’s be real–it’s really freaking hard.

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How to motivate and see amazing results leading a remote team

You may ask, “How do I motivate my team and have them reach amazing results simultaneously?

As I said in my first article, “Leading a Remote Team to Success,”  motivating a remote team to reach your company’s goals if we keep it real–is hard…

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The Power of Culture: How Values Drive Success

What are your values?

What are the values of those friends closest to you?

What are the values of those who are in your company?

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Are you hiring blind?

As a business owner or hiring manager, one of the most critical decisions you can make for your organization is who you bring on board and essentially add to your “family.” Yet, I still see many companies approach the hiring process without a clear strategy in place – essentially, hiring blind.

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Are you a Visionary without an Integrator at Your Vacation Rental Management Company?

Vacation rental management companies almost always start with humble beginnings and big visions for a better future. Some of us begin as “rent by owners” who struggle to find a great management company, so we start our own.

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The People Stack: Getting the right people in the right places to do the right things

Vacation rental management is hard.

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, it’s imperative that as a CEO or vacation rental manager, you operate in the most efficient and effective manner.

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The hardest thing

I am a rather forward-looking guy. Some would say to a fault. But when you spend over two decades in one industry, going through all of the ups and downs of business I have, it may be helpful to stop, look back and assess things.

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