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Better Talent is your subscription-based, Talent Acquisition Team

We supercharge the hiring strategy by significantly increasing applicant flow while narrowing the applicant pool down to the perfect candidates.

Our talent solution blends technology, behavioral science, and a high-touch human element. We do the hard work of identifying and screening applicants so you can review vetted, ideal candidates to make the final call on who is the perfect fit.


Hiring the right people for your organization is one of the most important and most challenging things a business does. In just a few simple steps we can help you identify and hire the best.


“Hire Hard so You Can Manage Easy”

We do the hard part for you so you can make a great selection each time and build the very best team.


Click the “Get started” button and schedule a time so we can learn how we can help you with your hiring needs.


Is Better Talent a traditional recruiting company?2020-09-28T20:32:57+00:00

No, Better Talent is disrupting the traditional recruiting model by leveraging technology, behavioral science, and highly efficient and effective talent curators to identify the best possible applicants for a role.

Is Better Talent a software platform I have to learn how to use to hire employees?2020-09-28T20:33:12+00:00

No, with Better Talent you simply express what you are looking for in an ideal hire and we present carefully vetted candidates to you for review. All presented candidates are screened, tested, and interviewed. You are provided with their application, behavioral survey results, resume, cover letter, and recorded video interview. 

Do I have to do any marketing for the position?2020-09-28T20:33:39+00:00

We handle all of the marketing efforts, including distribution of the job sites, posting on our social media, and sending the opportunity out to our extensive candidate database. We will also provide you with a unique application link and encourage you to post it on your website or social media platforms to help increase applicant flow.

I hear recruiting is expensive to outsource. What is the cost?2020-10-12T10:59:08+00:00

While traditional recruiting firms charge between 10% – 35% of the annual salary for a position, our model is completely different. We have a low onboarding fee to get started and then a small job placement fee for each job position. Our innovative model is a fraction of what traditional recruiters charge.

How long does it take to receive viable candidates once we hand the process over to Better Talent?2020-10-12T11:00:24+00:00

While results vary, we pride ourselves on providing you with experienced and qualified candidates very quickly. You will typically start to see vetted candidates in as little as a few days to a week from the time the position goes live. With that said, we take the time to make sure we provide you with the best possible candidates for each role.

Sounds great! How do I find out more?2020-10-12T11:10:26+00:00

Simply click “Let’s Connect” and book a time slot that works for you. We will discuss your needs in detail and answer any additional questions you may have. 

From there, it is just a matter of signing a simple agreement so we can get started finding the talent you need to operate, build, and grow your business.

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