Beach Box
February 26, 2021
Galveston, Texas
Job Type



Roles and Responsibilities

  • Inspect several homes per day to make sure the cleanliness and quality of our homes meet our standards and specifications
    • Houses are primarily located on Galveston Island (mostly on the West End) and some in Kemah and Surfside
  • Troubleshoot and triage issues found during inspections
    • Basic maintenance/honey-do skills preferred
    • Should be able to troubleshoot issues with Wi-Fi, Smart TVs, streaming services, and cable.
  • Run items to homes when something needs to be added/replaced
    • This includes when houses are occupied by guests, so should be comfortable interacting with guests
  • Assist furnishing/decor team with the following:
    • Meet with Internet service providers at homes for Wi-Fi/cable setup
    • Meet delivery services at homes for large deliveries, like furniture
    • Bring packages delivered outside of a home inside for safekeeping
    • Run items from our office to a home
  • Maintain inventory at our Galveston West End housekeeping storage unit
    • Count inventory on a weekly basis
    • Replenish stock, as needed


Requirements - Tools

  • Smart phone necessary, iPad or computer a plus
  • Google Docs Suite
  • Pick-up truck or SUV preferred to always have stock of inspection supplies on hand and be able to move a lot of items from one location to another


Requirements - Skills

  • Must have excellent communication skills with quick response times
  • Strong organizational skills and task-oriented
  • Prior experience working in customer service (travel/vacation rental industry preferred)
  • Positive “can do” attitude
  • Must be comfortable with technology and online tools
  • Ability to work independently, as well as in a team environment


Requirements - Location/Availability

  • This is a full-time hospitality position that will require someone with a flexible lifestyle. While most work will be done Monday-Friday during the day, the position requires being on call every evening and weekend and being the “go-to person” to go to a home on short notice if an item needs to be brought there or someone needs to be met there ASAP. Therefore, location in Galveston preferred, but not required.
  • Will require a lot of daily driving in Galveston and going to Kemah and Surfside two times per month.
  • Will require a lot of hours and commitment during busy season (May-August)



  • Start as a contractor position for one-month trial and convert to full-time employee
  • Reports to Katie McCarley



  • $650/week
  • Reimbursement for cost of gas on the job