Beach Box
January 7, 2021
Galveston, Texas
Job Type
$50,000 - $60,000 annual salary, based on experience


Company: Beach Box Vacation Rentals
Position: Operations Manager
Location: Galveston, TX
Position Type: Full-Time

Company Overview

We are a new and growing vacation rental management company that manages 60 vacation rental homes on the Texas Gulf Coast, primarily in Galveston, Surfside Beach, and Kemah.  Our company values hard work, creativity, and having fun in a job that puts a smile on people’s faces and creating lasting memories for our guests.  We believe that there is always a better way to do things and don’t just do the things “the way they’ve always been done”.  We strive to be the best vacation rental company on the Texas Gulf Coast and to be the go-to host for those seeking a relaxing beach vacation.


Job Duties

  • Inspections
    • Performs inspections when not at the computer (both quality of the clean and functionality of the home)
    • Executing “high priority” inspections
      • Post-deep cleaning and pre-large/holiday/VIP stays
    • Builds and refines daily schedule for all inspectors (comprising 5-7 inspections/day, 5 days a week)
    • Monitors all inspectors
      • Ensures inspectors are working the appropriate # of hours
      • Ensures inspectors are documenting inspections (in Properly and inspection tracker)
    • Checks cleaners’ Properly reports throughout the day and end-of-day, triages those problems, as needed
    • Refines and improves inspection process (develops SOP for gold standard inspections)
      • Trains inspectors on expectations
    • Ensures inspectors have proper supplies and owner closets are properly supplied
    • ID frequent issues from inspections and report to the team
    • Manage roll-out of small projects that affect each home, i.e., implementing owners’ closets, luggage racks, small vacuums, etc.
    • Owns safety of all homes
      • New safety regulations, safely supplies, implementation of new safety procedures
    • Housekeeping
      • Builds weekly cleaning schedule
      • Builds daily cleaning schedule
      • Assign Properly jobs
      • Source and vet 3rd party cleaners
      • Monitor quality of cleans through reviews and inspections
      • Implement an accountability system for housekeeping contractors
      • Reconcile cleaning invoices to the actual number of cleans
      • Modifications to cleaning and inspection checklists
      • Enforces compliance with processes for laundry facility
      • Standardize laundry processes
      • Manage deep cleaning scheduling/frequency
      • Manage periodic comforter change-out and other periodic processes
    • Manages Inventory
      • Manages housekeeping shelves (organized and stocked as orders come in)
      • Takes weekly inventory at storage and coordinates restocking of storage
      • Takes monthly inventory at the office, including laundry supplies
      • Makes and tracks monthly purchases of supplies
      • Makes other purchases, as necessary for office, storage, and inspectors
      • Takes monthly linen inventory at the office and coordinates purchasing of linens, as necessary
      • Monitoring of linens trashed



  • Needs to be tech-savvy
    • Troubleshoot wifi and Smart TVs
    • Can learn how to use all management platforms
    • Checks their email and phone on a regular basis and is highly communicative and responsive
  • Bilingual heavily preferred
  • Background in housekeeping preferred
  • Attention to detail
  • Good project management and progress tracking (can make a spreadsheet)
  • Lives on or close to the Island



  • $50,000 - $60,000 annual salary, based on experience
  • No benefits
  • Opportunities for raises