Stay Redamo
July 23, 2022
New Orleans, Louisiana
Job Type
Annual Salary: $55,000-$75,000 with Bonuses



Stay Redamo is a boutique Short Term Rental Company based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our goal is to connect families and communities with our local cultural heritage while providing "Wow" experiences along the way. We do this through exceptionally designed, decorated, and maintained homes, and stellar customer service.

The word Redamo means “to love back.” The reason why that’s significant is that not only are we a boutique vacation accommodation company, but we put our heart and soul into the properties we offer our guests and serve our clients with genuine care. That heart and dedication to our success have been the secret sauce to our growth and ability to stand out above the crowd. 

We are located in the vibrant and iconic city of New Orleans and offer stunning homes that offer luxury amenities and creative spaces that delight our guests. As a team, we are equally as vibrant as our city, and together we possess a wide range of talents and strengths. Our team is highly goal and action-oriented. We aim to work together as a unit and maximize what each of us brings to the table. 


We are looking for a Director of Hospitality with specific short-term rental experience who can hit the ground running with our team. This position would report to Ashley Genard, Visionary of the company, and also work closely with the Director of Operations who is responsible for maintenance and housekeeping.

We expect the Director of Hospitality to help oversee all of the backend work that goes into securing bookings and ensuring guests have a stellar experience. They will be tech-savvy and will have a keen understanding of the intricacies of the vacation rental business.


  • Refine and oversee the Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Manage the Guest Communications Team, setting schedules, filling gaps, and monitoring their communications with guests for quality control
  • Monitor software systems for syncing issues, glitches, and other issues that may disrupt our normal procedures
  • Manage and monitor integrations across our tech stack
  • Help create and optimize listings on multiple platforms
  • Ensure all additional revenue is collected - familiar with Airbnb Resolution Center
  • Monitor Rates (with the assistance of Revenue Management Software) & vacancies to ensure optimal booking
  • Help set up and execute a plan for Extra Revenue Services
  • Create, implement, and documents systems and processes as needed
  • Assist with training guest communication new hires
  • Assist in solving day-to-day issues, like Guest complaints, emergencies, etc.
    • Set up contingency plans for potential issues and emergencies
  • Business Development - look for new opportunities to grow the business
    • Recruit new properties to grow our inventory, build relationships with local businesses


  • 3+ years of Short Term Rental experience
  • Demonstrated experience managing teams or other employees
  • Vast understanding of multiple Short Term Rental software systems, and how they interact and integrate
  • The ideal candidate would have experience using some of the following software systems: Guesty, KeyData, Rented, Operto, Microsoft Business Suite (Microsoft Outlook & Teams specifically), ClickUp


Annual Salary: $55,000-$75,000 with Bonuses


  • Paid time off such as PTO, sick days, and vacation days
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance