Overnight Success
December 1, 2021
San Diego, California
Job Type
$100,000 On Track Earnings



The first thing we require is that everyone is excited about and wants to help us achieve our mission and vision.

Vision: Connect people globally through experiences to help create a borderless world

Mission: Empower short-term rental hosts from around the world to achieve financial freedom through building the hospitality brands of their dreams

Beyond that, we’re at a point in the company where we are still small but about to grow. We’re not trying to 10x the company in a year, we’re looking for consistent 2-3x growth while maintaining a lean, tight-knit team, with exciting compensation opportunities.

Getting into the company during this pivotal stage means you can be part of the core team that started it all. That means opportunities for advancing in your role, department, and the company overall.

Another benefit of a small team is being flexible with our approach and strategy. We will set the goals and provide systems but ultimately how you achieve the goals is up to you. We’re here to support any and all ideas.

Lastly, is the team. Because we want to maintain a tight-knit team it means that everyone here plays all out and has to maintain an A-Player output. We prefer to delegate goals instead of tasks, we set the goal lines and let you run the play and we maintain trust and open communication with all team members.


Role Overview

This person was born to sell all day, every day. However, the motivation to sell is not related to personal income (although it’s a great part of the process), it’s related to changing the lives of people by correctly qualifying and getting them into our programs.

This person is an excellent communicator and understands what drives humans. They have dabbled in NLP before, consumed endless amounts of sales training, and over time have carved out their own method of selling. This person is also good at reading other humans, adapting to their communications style, and digging deep into their true pains and needs.

At the end of the day, this person is trying to accelerate people's growth as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Day-to-Day (Launch Model)

During launches, its fast-paced with sales. Prior to the launch the sales team will be prepped on content strategies, lead nurturing, opportunities to prospect leads, as well as the conversion event overview and application process.

Once applications are coming in, there's a daily sales huddle to review prospects, discuss applications, review lead pipelines, and talk about any objection handling. From there it's into sales calls for the day. After each call, there are post-call actions to follow with regards to updating the CRM, processing payments, etc. From there it's following up with prospects, booking follow-up calls if necessary, and reaching out to new leads. At the end of the day, we run a post-sales report as a final check-in and to ensure data accuracy.

On a weekly basis, there is a weekly sales meeting that deals more with the review and training of calls. We address any issues, look at objection handling and talk about lead quality.

The ideal candidate will be familiar with these processes as well as experienced in the Short Term Rental industry, or at a minimum knowledge about the industry and pains of short-term rental hosts (we will provide training, but past experience/knowledge is best).



  • Sales
    • Pitch sales presentations on calls
    • Maintain and update CRM after-sales calls
    • Follow up on leads and prospects
    • Regularly prospect old applicants and leads
    • Attend key conversion events and interact with the attendees
    • Provide feedback on sales systems/processes for improvement
    • Collaborate on offers, urgency, objection handling


  • General
    • Attend weekly team meeting
    • Attend weekly sales meeting
    • Attend daily sales huddle
    • Engage in the communities and establish a reputation in the audience
    • Collaborate with Marketing department as a feedback loop on identifying great lead sources
    • Collaborate with Delivery to hand off new sales


  • Has proven a past closing rate of 40% and above
  • Has a track record of selling high ticket programs, $7,500+
  • Has a firm grasp on the full sales process from a lead to sales call structure, follow-ups, and closing
  • Has the ability to and has worked with launch strategies (we do quarterly, with opportunity for more evergreen sales in late Q1/early Q2 2022)
  • Bonus: has worked with sales setters in the past, can work with/train/teach the role


Total On Target Earnings of $100,000.00