November 12, 2021
Anywhere, United States of America
Job Type
$13.50 - $18.00



Funtierland is a vacation rental company offering a portfolio of family-friendly vacation rentals near Disneyland in Anaheim California. Be part of an established, incredible Company to work for in a fun industry that provides flexibility to work remotely.

A Funtierland Reservationist is responsible for receiving, properly directing, and responding to incoming emails and calls from prospective guests on behalf of our clients. Who are our clients? They are vacation rental homeowners located in a popular Southern California destination. Reservationists will be trained on all tools necessary to perform their job functions.


In this home-based position, you will be handling email and phone communications with prospective guests who are interested in booking a vacation. You will ensure the vacation rental aligns with the guests' expectations and help plan a critical aspect of the guests’ vacation.

A customer service, the team-oriented focus is of utmost importance. The job demands a cooperative, agreeable, and sympathetic listener who gets along with others enjoys being helpful to them, and has the ability to diffuse situations with irate guests. The job requires attention to the details of work, handling things with better-than-average accuracy, and with careful attention to the quality of the work. The focus is on working comfortably under some supervision and structure within a stable, secure team. This job requires a patient and a stable work style and consistency in dealing with somewhat repetitive routines. The pace of the job is steady and relatively unhurried, with an inclination to keep doing things the same way unless directed otherwise by a supervisor. When there is a change in the structure of work or scope of responsibility, ample time will be provided to learn the new work thoroughly with the opportunity for practice. If the job requires making decisions, such decisions will be made in close conference with the team and supervisors.


  • Answer incoming calls
  • Respond to email and text communication promptly
  • Use the appropriate tools to resolve guest concerns
  • Make outgoing calls
  • Toggle multiple programs and windows to perform regular job tasks
  • Collaborate with peers and superiors to resolve problems
  • Balance guest folios
  • Communicate clearly and professionally with management, peers, and guests
  • Utilize a quiet, distraction-free work environment
  • Must be comfortable with multi-tasking and following up on unresolved concerns
  • Maintain a positive, self-driven work ethic
  • Retain reliable and consistent attendance


  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • At least one (1) year of customer service experience. This could be from retail, food and beverage, telesales, hospitality, and other customer service-related roles where you had direct interaction with people, and were influential.
  • STRONG COMPUTER USER SKILLS ARE REQUIRED - excellent experience using Windows-based computers and related applications – multi-tasking, multiple systems, dual screens, strong internet searching experience using common search engines
  • Hospitality experience is preferred, but not required
  • Shift Punctuality and Attendance; willingness to assist as needed based on business needs.
  • Proficient mathematical skills


Hourly $13.50 - $18.00