Just Stick 2 It
April 6, 2021
Remote, United States of America
Job Type


Location – Anywhere in the US, but company and company ownership is based out of St. Louis MO

Entrepreneur Intern Wanted!

Have you ever wanted to be involved with a new company right at the beginning?

Do you have a desire to impact the vision, strategy, and execution from day one?

Are you highly technical but also love the idea of running the show instead of writing code all day every day?

Just stick 2 it has developed a dietary plan and exercise plan that has proven successful with the owner and he would like to bring this success to many others throughout the world.

The company has a business plan, owner/spokesperson, product line, and a weight loss success story

“The company goal and purpose is to help obese individuals develop a lifestyle change to help them bring their weight down to no longer be classified as Obese”.

You would be the very first hire for the company. You will be able to grow the brand, grow the team, and improve the business plan and create the company culture.

The success of the company will depend on you. You will report directly to the founder, Joe Trover. He has over 20 years of operational success in companies ranging from start-up to over 500 employees in size.

Your responsibilities will include working with Joe to take the vision and develop and execute the go-to-market strategy.

This will include:

  • The digital marketing plan
  • Full development of technology stack
  • Building and developing a team
  • Operational oversight
  • Product development
  • Sales development
  • Financial oversight

The initial product offering has been designed. A basic go-to-market strategy developed.

Outside of this, the company is on the ground floor.

The company will be “bootstrapped” at the beginning with a seed round of capital.

The company enjoys a direct relationship with the manufacturing company which is wholly owned by the founder.


An initial base salary will be agreed to. This salary will be small. There's no ceiling to how much money you can make.

From the beginning, you will make 4% of all revenues paid monthly.

You will receive 10% of the company’s net profit paid annually.


Unlimited PTO & Vacation (You must think like an owner and will decide what will work)

Work from anywhere

Once sales hit 3 Million:

Full coverage health insurance

A 401K plan

Long term profit sharing


If you believe you have what it takes. If the above speaks to you and you can get excited about bringing this vision to fruition. If you dream big and are ready to make those dreams come true. Please apply today!